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A MEssage from Our Principal

It is hard to believe how quickly the days have passed and that our fall semester is now coming to a close. As we look back over the first half of the school year and reflect upon challenges and successes, it is also a time to look ahead and set new goals, perhaps expanding one’s social circle, improving study habits, or trying a new sport. When we return from winter break, we will begin a new semester and a new year – 2020! A new year is a new beginning, and in the school calendar, we are rewarded with two “new years,” in August and in January.

Let us embrace these new beginnings and look forward to a bright new year ahead. In the meantime, have a relaxing break enjoying time with family and friends.

Wishing you all a joyous holiday season and a happy new year!

As you begin your new year, we will continue to keep you updated on all of your child’s successes and growth at AVMS! As always, feel free to call with any questions or concerns.

Attendance Update:

The average percentage of daily student attendance so far this year has dropped slightly this past month and is now at 93%, our goal is to always have this number be at or above 95%. I know we are getting into the holiday season, but let’s focus on being at school and finishing the semester at 95%!

Be respectful, be responsible, and be kind.  

Let’s do this, Eagles!


Josh Peebles

Josh Peebles, Principal
Altar Valley Middle School

8th Graders already starting o talk about their freshman year of high school!  8th Grade All-Stars!