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A MEssage from Our Principal

A Message from Our Intergalactic Councils:

The council meeting has now been adjourned, and the AVMS Galaxies have defeated the negative forces and dark matter! Every grade-level galaxy is now ready to prove that they are prepared and confident to take on the 2019 AzMERIT tests. They know this is their chance to show off what they have learned and how hard they have been working to get to this point. They know their testing strategies and when to use them, they have analyzed their Galileo and CBM results, and they are striving to move through the atmosphere to reach mastery. We are ready and our scores will be out of this world in 2019!

All of the teachers, students, and staff have been working extremely hard as they prepare for the AzMERIT state testing. Testing sessions will begin the week of April 1, 2019. To help support your students during this time of testing, please make sure your child gets a good night's sleep and eats a healthy breakfast. Also, please do your best to help your child stay calm. If he/she gets nervous about the test, or is likely to experience anxiety during the test, help them practice some relaxation techniques that they can try once the testing begins and remind them of the growth mindset. 

Let’s do this, Eagles!


Josh Peebles

Josh Peebles, Principal
Altar Valley Middle School

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