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We’re always trying to improve communication between home and school; especially since we know that it’s difficult for middle schoolers to keep their parents informed about what’s happening on campus. We’ll be placing newsworthy information on this page so you don’t have to hound your child for information. It’s a win-win situation!

Professional Development

Just like our students, our staff needs to continue to grow and learn. This year we have had several dynamic professional development PD presentations that have transferred into the classroom. One such PD is connected to the student portfolios; as a group, we conducted a data dig and determined some of the areas we feel our students struggle with. We took that knowledge and determined how we could rectify the issues. Providing students with direct access to their data seemed like a logical step. This has strengthened our PD moving forward as well as our weekly Professional Learning Communities (PLC - teachers meeting to discuss student progress) as teachers and students had a common ground to build. We have seen an improved desire from students to improve and take the assessments more seriously. Our most recent PD allowed teachers to select one of three topics:

  • How To Move Students From Struggle To Productive Persistence
  • How To Connect With Students Who Are Difficult To Reach
  • How To Counter Shrinking Attention Spans

Teachers were able to come together and discuss what they learned and how they would use the newly learned skills in the classroom. Together students and teachers are growing and learning.

Teachers participating in professional development presentations

The Altar Valley School District utilizes Synergy for the management of student information. ParentVUE is a web and mobile portal feature of this program that allows parents to access to their child's school information.

In the ParentVUE web and mobile portals, parents can gather near real‐time information for all the siblings, regardless of the grade level or school of attendance during a single sign-on. Communication tools are easy to access to help promote contact between the parent and teacher that is necessary for student success. Some of the additional features in ParentVUE include allowing parents to view the school district calendar, attendance, grades and daily assignments, class schedules, and report cards.

Contact your child's school for access or if you have any questions on how to get started.