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A MEssage from Our Principal

Happy November, Families!

Lately, I have been reading about school cultures and ways to build cultures that last. We have an awesome school culture at AVMS! A culture refers to the way teachers, staff, and families work together and have a set of beliefs, values, and assumptions they share. By having a positive school culture, we are promoting students' ability to learn and grow. You will witness this when you see our Be Kind initiative at school or when you attend an Eagles of Excellence or maybe a drama production. One would also see this during our weekly professional learning community (PLC) meetings or our weekly planning with the principal discussions. We work together to make great things happen at AVMS!

At Altar Valley Middle School, we have a collaborative school culture between staff, students, and families. We all work closely together to do what is best for each child and for all children. When I say "we,” I do mean the collective "we" and not just school staff. Our parents and families continue to do a great deal to help enrich our students’ experiences every day. Thank you!

During the month of October, we recognized National Bullying Prevention Month. We created a Project Connect strip where students wrote how they were going to help prevent bullying at AVMS, and we all wore our orange on October 9, 2018! Great job, Eagles!

Warmest regards,

Josh Peebles

Josh Peebles, Principal
Altar Valley Middle School

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